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Henryk Mekle MD

Henryk MekleHenryk Mekle, MD, PhD was born in 1963 in Katowice. He graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice in 1987. He worked at the university as a Lecturer in Anatomy and Surgery. He is a Specialist Surgeon, Doctor of the Medical Sciences, Proctologist and Aesthetic Doctor. He was also a Head of the Surgical Ward in one of the largest hospitals in Poland.

From 2005 Doctor Henryk Mekle MD started performing procedures from: Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Surgery, especially classical, ultrasound and laser liposuction, plastic surgery, breast and buttock implants, blepharoplasty, treatments of haemorrhoids and anal fissures. As the first in Poland, he began Laser Lipolysis in 2006 and "sculpting" the figure using liposuction assisted with ultrasound liposuction called VASER Lipo High Definition Liposculpture.

Bona valetudo melior est quam maximae divitiae
– Health is better than the greatest wealth
 Henryk Mekle

He received an international training in the Liposuction at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Vaser Lipo 3D Liposuction with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos from Colombia, Laser Lipolysis with Dr. Konstantinos Gritzalas in Athens, in the field of breast implants with prof. Per Hedena at Akademikliniken in Stockholm, in the field of injection of botulinum with Dr. Constantin Stan in Romania, polylactic acid with Dr. Alessio  Redaelli in Milan and in the field of injection lipolysis with Dr. Heinrich in Vienna - Director of the International Academy of Aesthetic Lipolysis. He actively participates as a lecturer and listener in conventions, courses and national & international conferences.

Dr Henryk Mekle MD specializes in body shaping using the ultrasound liposuction method called VASER Lipo High Definition or infrasound liposuction called: NIL and also in the treatments of hemorrhoids by various methods.