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    Looking for the Aesthetic Centre, which assures the best quality of service, low prices
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    New quality of slimming & body sculpting therapy. We fight with imperfections!
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    Do you wanna get rid of scars? Or lose some weight?
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Body Aesthetic Centre

We cordially invite to the Body Aesthetics Centre in Katowice which was founded in 2006.

We are a well-known medical clinic in Silesia region. Our areas of expertise are: cosmetic surgery, proctology, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, podology, cosmetology, trichology, dietetics and massages.

We carry over 300 procedures annually. We have patients from Poland and abroad. The clinic is located near two airports: Krakow and Katowice. Patients can use the apartment located in the building next to the clinic. 

Our main specialties are: liposuction and proctology.  We use liposuction called: VASER Lipo High Definition Liposculpture and infrasound liposuction called: N.I.L. Now we can additionally shrink the skin after liposuction using the fantastic ARGO PLASMA device. 

We possess latest CO2 lasers, fractional laser (CO2 and Nd:Yag Joule from SCITON company) as well as peeling lasers (Joule from SCITON) and IPL (BBL from SCITON).   

In our clinic in Katowice, we perform consultations and treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine: botulinum toxin, fillers, mesotherapy, scrubs, APTOS lifting threads, laser removal of skin disorders and the treatment of haemorrhoids. Patients after surgery stay overnight at the clinic under the care of a doctor and nurse. We also invite you to use the apartment next to the clinic, where you can stay with the other person until you are ready to return home.

We provide professional services to our patients and a pleasant atmosphere. 

We are delighted to welcome you.


Additional features

What else we offer besides therapies and treatments?

We provide the most professional healthcare in Europe. All our personal is at your service.

We make people genuinely happy, guarantee of best quality of treatments.

The process is very simple: we will ask you some questions to maximize your comfort and we will take care of the rest.


Sometimes words do not describe us fully. But Photos do, take a look at our gallery please.